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Dealerships & Distributorships

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Dealerships Available Worldwide

Owning a Ceiling America International dealership represents a unique investment opportunity.

Ceiling America International Prospective Dealers will have the possibility of achieving the highest profit in the cleaning industry, low competition, the exclusivity of our proprietary green products and systems, training at your headquarters, technical and sales marketing support to your employees in your headquarters and job sites, guaranteed investment, repetitive business through account maintenance, worldwide product distribution and full free ongoing support available in multiple languages. If you are interested in becoming a distributor for our CAI cleaning products, we invite you to complete the Distributorship application below.

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Distributorships available worldwide

We offer Distributorships to qualified companies able to service the high demand around the world for our products.

Great Opportunities for Exclusive Distributors:

                   * Multiple-market opportunities – wide range of industries and applications.

                   * Green, cleaning radiant technology.

Our Distributorship Programs afford you sales exclusivity, participation in our International Accounts Programs, preferred product pricing and more. Included with your Distributorship is an extremely generous “start-up” product inventory. If you are interested in becoming a distributor for our CAI cleaning products, we invite you to complete the Distributorship application below.

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Basic Requirements

In order to be considered as a potential Ceiling America International Dealer and/or Distributor, a candidate must meet the minimum eligibility requirements set forth by Ceiling America International. If such requirements are met, the candidate’s information, as submitted on the Prospect Dealer and/or Distributor Application, may be maintained in Ceiling America International’s database for one year in the event opportunities become available.

Although a prospect may meet Ceiling America International’s minimum requirements, this does not imply that the candidate will automatically be considered for a particular Dealership and/or Distributorship for sale. Only those candidates who meet the unique requirements of a specific Dealership and/or Distributorship will be considered. Contact by Ceiling America International does not constitute Dealer and/or Distributor authorization or approval.

New Dealership and/or Distributorship location – Ceiling America International completes market studies throughout the world to determine the need for new Dealership and/or Distributorship locations based on market needs. Once a new point has been determined, Ceiling America searches its internal prospect database to begin the selection process with potential dealers and/ or Distributors. The investment requirements for New Dealership and/or Distributorship locations vary according to the market study information and industry data for each location.

Dealerships & Distributorships Available Worldwide

If interested, please download and complete the below Prospective Dealer and/or Distributor Application submit it with your company profile.