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Trillions of Square feet of ceilings and walls need to be cleaned everywhere. CEILING AMERICA can clean for fast food restaurants, dine in restaurants, supermarkets, health Clubs, fitness centers, train stations, subways, car rental agencies, bakeries, delis, hospitals, restaurants, coffee shops, offices, warehouses, factories, banks, gas stations, movies theaters, airports, hotels, car dealerships, universities, schools, bowling alleys, retail stores, clinics and every place that has a dirty ceiling. The possibilities are endless.

cover any professional or commercial environment. Here are just a few samples of our solutions for some specific industries...

Our cleaning services

Automotive Dealerships

Our industry and yours are very similar in many ways. We both rely on creating good first impressions.

Fitness Centers / Health Clubs

Let CEILING AMERICA Give Your Fitness Center Our Daily Workout.

Medical Centers

A healthy medical facility environment is critical to cutting down on the spread of bacteria and viruses.

Office Cleaning

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider CEILING AMERICA for your office cleaning needs...

Banks / Financial Institutions

The banking world is competitive and fast-paced, and customers often struggle to see any real benefits of one bank over another.

Property Management

Managing a property can be very demanding. There always seems to be something more urgent than you already have on your urgent list.

Preschool / Kindergarten

The responsibility for caring for and educating young children is one of the most demanding professions.

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